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FAQ: Genie Remotes

  1. Will my old Genie remote work with my new Intellicode opener?

    It depends. Remotes manufactured after 1996 should work with your Intellicode opener. Remotes produced before 1996 use fixed-code sequencing, and are not supported by Genie Intellicode technology. To learn when your remote was manufactured, contact Customer Service or your Genie Professional Dealer.

  2. What is the range of a Genie® Intellicode remote?

    The typical range is 150 feet. The range can be affected by any number of shielding factors, including aluminum siding, coatings on car windshields and solid walls, and external radio interferences.

  3. What are the extra buttons for on my Genie remote?

    The additional buttons can be programmed to control multiple Intellicode openers. Genie remotes are also compatible with Johnson Control’s HomeLink® System.

  4. How do I program my remote with my opener?

    To program your remote with your opener, please review your owner's manual for specific instructions on your model.

  5. What battery type does my remote use?

    Review your owner's manual to see which battery type is used by your remote.

For expert advice, contact your local Genie Professional Dealer.