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Genie Commercial Garage Door Openers and Accessories installed in a garage

MillerEdge® RBand

Wireless Edge for DC/T3 Edges

MillerEdge® RBand Wireless Edge - OPAKRWET3.S

The MillerEdge® RBand DC/T3 wireless edge kit allows for wireless connection between a monitored safety edge and a Genie Commercial Line operator. Using a series of two NEMA 4 transmitters mounted near the safety edge, and a NEMA 1 receiver mounted near the operator, this kit allows for monitored edge functionality without having to wire from the edge to the operator.

  • Easy to configure

  • Bi-directional radio link improves RF interference immunity

  • On-board diagnostics for easy setup and troubleshooting

  • N-O contact on the board can allow for non-monitored applications

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