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Secure Package Delivery Porch Box

BenchSentry Package Delivery Box

Protect all of your deliveries from porch pirates with a package delivery box from BenchSentry.  Packages are hidden from view in an attractive, weather-resistant bench that can be anchored for additional security.  The bench works with all deliveries and is easy to use.  Go about your day without worrying about theft or damage from the weather. 

  • Product dimensions. 23"D x 25"W x 35"H.  No power required.

  • Available in slate and tan.


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  • Fits large boxes, multiple packages, or a week’s worth of groceries easily within an extra-large bench with over 50 gallons of capacity

  • Keeps packages safe by hiding them from view of porch pirates

  • Protects packages from the elements with a weather-resistant construction

  • Works for all package, grocery, or meal deliveries including items from family or friends

  • Designed with delivery drivers in mind with signs and instructions

  • Upgradeable to include smart lock, keypad, and app control

  • Made with UV resistant resin to prevent color from fading in sunlight

  • Gives you the freedom to go about your day without having to be home for deliveries and letting everyone know you’re not home with package pileups

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