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Genie Wireless Wall Console New

Genie Wireless Wall Console

Save Time. No Strings Attached.

The new Genie Wireless Wall Console features a totally wireless installation saving you valuable time. Program it just like a Genie transmitter. The attractive contemporary design provides enhanced functionality and safety features.

Make the smart choice. Go Wireless - Go Genie!

Optional on any of these Retail Models:

Model 7055, Model 4063, Model 4062, Model 4042, Model 3042, Model 3022, Model 3055, Model 3053, Model 2055

Works with all Genie Intellicode® openers since 2013. Not compatible with Models 1022, 1024, 1042, 2022, 2024, 2027, 2042.
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Genie Wireless Wall Console
Genie Battery Backup Unit


  • No need to have an additional wired wall console - absolutely no wiring required for operation!
  • Large buttons and blue LED light makes the console easy to see in the dark.
  • The pulsating light has two optional speeds or can be turned off for maximum battery life.
  • Backlighting will turn red to notify user of low battery.
  • Turn only the opener light itself on at any time for steady light in the garage.
  • Programs just like a regular Genie transmitter - having multiple wireless wall consoles is not an issue!

The Delay button can allow a user an extra 10 seconds to exit calmly and safely before the door begins to move.

Press button up to three times for a maximum of 30 seconds delay before door movement.


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