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ReliaVolt Portable Charger Device

The ReliaVolt by Genie is a portable jumpstarter plus a device charger. Don't get stranded with a dead battery again! 

  • 400A Lithium Ion Jump Starter

  • Jumpstart your vehicle up to 10 times on a single charge! Jumpstarts up to 8 cylinder 4L engine vehicles.

  • Auto power shut off for energy savings.

  • Includes 115V AC wall charger, 12V DC car charger, jumper cables, multi-USB cable to fit many devices 

  • Built-in, Intelligent LCD screen shows the battery status of device and vehicle while providing clear "Ready...Go" notifications. 

  • LED Worklight & roadside emergency light with steady on and SOS strobe settings.

  • Holds charge for up to one year.  


Emergency Preparedness Checklist

  • USB outlet for charging cell phone to stay on top of emergency situations

  • Bright Flashlight feature to use when the power is out 

  • SOS strobe light setting for roadside emergencies

  • LCD Screen displays battery charge so you can conserve battery life

  • Jumpstart a dead car battery so you always have a way to leave in an emergency


Installation Manuals and Support


ReliaVolt Instruction Manual
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Frequently asked questions

How do I charge the device itself?

The device must be fully charged prior to the first use. It can be charged by using the 115V AC wall charger or the 12V car charger that comes with the unit. Use only the chargers provided – use of after market charging devices can damage the unit and void the warranty

What is the best charging temperature for the device?

It is recommended to charge between 23 F to 104 F (-5 C to 40 C). Outside of this range, the device will not charge.

How long will it take to fully charge this device?

The first charge is suggested to be approximately 6-8 hours. After the initial charge is fully complete, additional charges should take 2-4 hours. When the word ‘Charging’ disappears from the LCD screen, the device will stop charging and the battery status will show at 100%.

How long does the device hold a charge?

Under normal conditions (no extreme temperatures or unusual conditions), it can hold 70% of its charge for up to one year. For general device maintenance, the device should be charged immediately after purchase, after each use and every 3-6 months to keep internal battery fully charged and prolong battery life.

How many times will it charge my mobile device (phone or tablet) on a single charge?

This depends on the brand of device that you have, its battery size and the current state of that battery. As a rule of thumb, if the device has 12,000mAh @4.2V capacity, it should charge a depleted iPhone6 4+ times. It should charge an empty iPad mini 3+ times.

What is the best operating temperature for the device?

It is recommended to operate between -4 F to 122 F (-20 C to 50 C). If the temperature is above 122 F (50 C), the device will shut down.

What will happen if you use the device on a larger size engine?

The device has safety logic built in - nothing will happen, the device will not start. The over current protection control will shut off the output and reset the device.

Is it possible to use the device to jump start things other than a car, such as a motorcycle or a lawnmower?

Yes, as long as it is a 12V system with some conditions applied. It will not start a 6V system.

Can I jump start a hybrid vehicle?

You need to make sure the gasoline engine size has a 12V system with a 12V lead acid battery. Please consult the hybrid vehicles owners’ manual.

Can I jump start vehicles with a diesel engine?

Most diesel engines require a much larger cranking amp to “turn” the engine. Our 12,000mZh @4.2V jump starter can most likely start a 3L 6-cylinder diesel engine with some conditions applied.

Do I need to unhook any lead-acid battery before I jump start?

No, this is not necessary. In fact, we would recommend keeping the lead acid in line to buffer off any electrical disturbances that might occur during the cranking of your engine. We recommend just being sure to hook to the positive red terminal first then hooking to the negative black terminal or a good ground termination point second.

What happens when you touch the jumper cables together or if you accidentally touch/short a 12V DC in car charger outlet?

The device has safety logic built in - nothing will happen, the device will not start.

What will happen if you accidentally hook up the cables incorrectly to the battery terminals (wrong polarity)?

The device has safety logic built in – nothing will happen, the device will not start. The backlight of the LCD screen will flash rapidly and the JUMP button on the device will flash in red. The device will cease all other operation. Only when you connect the jumper cables to the battery properly (correct polarity) will power be delivered to the car battery.

I have tried to jump start my vehicle but have not been successful. The device is now disabled.

In this situation, you may have triggered the safety protection features and locked out all output power functions. To unlock and reset the unit, you need to charge the device with the 115V AC wall charger or the 12V car charger. The device should take the charges within a few minutes return to normal conditions.

Is this device water proof?

No, this device is not water proof. Use with caution in wet conditions.

What is the best storage temperature for the device?

It is recommended to store the device between -4 F to 131 F (-20 C to 55 C). Do not exceed temperatures more than 176 F (80 C) for any reason as this will harm the lithium ion batteries internal structure.