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Genie is bringing Smart Home Innovations to your garage with Aladdin Connect. If you are like many homeowners, the garage door is the largest and most used entry point to the home. Monitoring who is going in and out of your garage or having the ability to use your smart device to operate the garage door opener gives you peace-of-mind and control.

Aladdin Connect does those things and much more. With Aladdin Connect not only can you check whether your garage door is open or closed, but you can also:

  • Instantly know that someone is operating your garage door, whether the person is an authorized user or not.

  • Open the door for anyone such as delivery or repairpersons, relatives, or friends when they call or text you upon their arrival so you don't have to provide a temporary access password.

  • Have a history for each opener of when the door was used including dates & times.

  • Create Virtual keys, and set up time-based rules.

Our Aladdin Connect RetroFit Kit and Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door Openers work with the Aladdin Connect app to give you the latest technology for your home. Genie has also partnered with other top smart home companies to offer even more convenience, simplicity, and security to the smart home industry.

Learn more about our smart connected products and partners below:

Aladdin Connect RetroFit Kit

Wi-Fi RetroFit Kit

Easily transform any garage into a smart garage by upgrading your non-smart garage door opener with the add-on Aladdin Connect® Wi-Fi RetroFit Kit. This kit can be easily added to currently installed garage door openers which is great if it is not time to replace your old one, but you still want the newest technology!

Smart Integrated Garage Door Openers

Integrated Garage Door Openers

Our line of Genie Smart Garage Door Openers with Aladdin Connect integrated WiFi connectivity is perfect for today’s connected consumer or smart home. Because the Aladdin Connect® smart device system is built-into the opener itself, no additional parts or assembly are required. Wi-Fi setup only takes a few minutes and is easy to complete.

Smart home Automation Control System. In

Smart Home Partners

The Genie Company is a leading manufacturer of smart, connected garage door openers and accessories for residential and commercial applications. We continue to build our partnerships with some of the biggest leading companies in smart home technology so we can offer the best smart home solutions to our customers.