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We know how it feels to have a package stolen or get notifications about neighborhood theft. No one likes feeling vulnerable and needing to rush home when something is delivered, but the problem of package theft is real and growing, causing anxiety or worse, the hassle of making a claim. We designed our products with you and the delivery drivers in mind. BenchSentry by Genie products work for pick-ups, heavy/bulky items, groceries, any delivery, and is easy to use. Shop online with confidence, be in the know when packages arrive, and protect packages from theft and weather. we know you want to be on top of things and eliminate the hassles in your life.  

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BenchSentry Connect
Hides Packages from view
Protects packages from weather
Works with all carriers (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
50+ gallon capacity fits large packages, multiple boxes
Designed with delivery driver in mind
Upgradable to include smart lock, electronics
Package Theft Guarantee
Track deliveries with app
Immediate package delivery notifications
Automatically locks after delivery
Give access codes for items that need to be picked up
Deliver bulky items into the garage with Aladdin Connect
Annual fee for app, package tracking
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