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In addition to designing great end-user features into our operators, Genie Engineers work hard to make sure our Commercial models incorporate many Installer-friendly benefits that also help with the overall efficiency of your business.

Here is a comprehensive picture of how Genie can make life easier for your Installers and more efficient for your Commercial operations.

Click on each feature to learn more:

Fast & Easy Installation
  • Ready to mount on the door right out of the box. GCL packaging is designed so that operators can be lifted right out of the outer carton using the provided handles on the inner insert. This allows for easy and fast removal of the operator from the box.

  • Never lose time with mounting orientation again. Genie Commercial standard and heavy-duty operators allow for the ultimate out-of-the-box installation flexibility. With a single change to the attachment point for the release cable, these operators can be mounted to meet job site needs. The covers are even designed to be flipped upside down easily and quickly.

  • Three-phase power connections can be made and never have to be swapped for direction. GCL programming makes motor direction problems on three-phase installs a thing of the past. Once wired, GCL operators have a single menu item at the beginning of set-up that sets the correct motor direction each time an operator is installed. Fast and easy.

  • TensiBelt® primary drive reduction eliminates the need to adjust belt tension. GCL medium and standard-duty operators come with auto-adjusting belts. The days of lost time loosening motor bolts and tightening belts are over. The patented auto-tensioning belt system adjusts to the load carrying capacity required – and keeps that belt tension maintained for the life of the operator.

  • Voltage Selection – MultiVolt® allows voltage selection at the job site. When wiring the operator just select the correct voltage: 120 or 115/208/230 V on single-phase operators, 208/230/240 V for three-phase operators. With the correct incoming voltage selected, the operator takes care of everything else, saving time and money.

  • Installation and lock-down holes are easily accessible with power tools. The mounting slots and lock-down holes on GCL operators sit further out from the side walls of the operator, allowing power tools to be used straight-on, eliminating the need to “angle” fasteners in and wasting time.

  • Photo eyes with built-in mounting flexibility. The standard photo eyes provided with GCL operators include brackets that allow for adjustment out to 8 inches off the wall for wide door track and thick sectional doors. The standard photo eye can also be mounted directly to the door track for a quick and clean-looking installation.

  • GCL trolley operators come with pre-assembled chain guide wear blocks and brackets. Simply bolt each side into a rail.

  • Common terminal strip for control wiring. All control wiring is completed via the same style terminal strip in all GCL operators. This makes connections quick and familiar to installers. Each terminal is identified with easy-to-read text, not just a number that has to be looked up somewhere else.

  • Receivers are built-in on standard and heavy-duty GCL operators. On-Board Radio Receiver saves having to install an external receiver and related wiring when more than one transmitter is needed. Added bonus – the receivers will handle up to 50 transmitters! The built-in receivers come with a whip antenna which provides for long-range performance at 315Mhz. The GCL internal receiver is compatible with a single through four-channel, and open/close/stop GCL transmitters.

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