Works with Alexa® + Aladdin Connect®

Genie is one of very few garage door opener brands with Smart technology that is Works with Alexa Certified as a smart home skill. Works with Alexa, allows the user to pair the Genie Smart Garage Door Opener with Aladdin Connect technology with an Alexa Echo Dot Speaker. Then simply say “Alexa, Close My Garage Door” and Alexa will close the garage door for you. This feature makes it so much easier, when you have your hands full taking the garbage out, to just say “Alexa, open the garage door” so you don’t have to put that garbage bag that is full of germs on the floor and touch a button.

*Only a custom skill is available in Canada and only the Smart Home Skill is available in the U.S. Because the garage can provide access to your home, Amazon does not allow the garage to be included in any routines. Amazon also requires the use of a PIN to open the garage.

How to Connect Aladdin Connect with Amazon Alexa :

Amazon Alexa Document
Document for Support
Document for Support