Control4® + Aladdin Connect®

Many new homes are just like new cars, packed with technology. The higher-tier home builders are making smart homes part of their selling features but worry that not everyone wants the complexity of a fully integrated smart home. This is where Conrol4 shines. They take the complexity of high-end smart devices, like Aladdin Connect, and simplify the interface to your smartphone or a Control4 tablet. This tablet can be portable, or wall-mounted. Their platform takes all the guesswork out of controlling the home and Genie’s Aladdin Connect integrates seamlessly with Control4.

To add one more reason to love Control4 they have set up smart alerts and routines to both remind you if the garage door has been open longer than normal or to shut it when you tell the system you are going to bed.

How to Connect Aladdin Connect with Control4 :

Amazon Alexa Document
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Document for Support