Battery Backup BB140-BX

When the power goes out, Genie power goes on!

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Battery Backup for Genie 140V Openers

Add a battery backup solution for our premium 140V operator lineup any time to help keep you and your family safe!  What used to be considered a luxury is now an affordable convenience offered to everyone thanks to Genie’s battery backup solutions. Getting in and out of the garage during a power outage has never been easier when your Genie battery backup kicks in. Make the right choice for peace-of-mind and security with a garage door opener battery backup​!

  • Compatible with Genie 140V garage door openers


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Genie garage door opener battery_backup.
California Compliant garage door opener.

California Residents

In accordance with California State Law SB-969, all installed garage door openers in the state of California must have a battery backup as of July 1, 2019. Genie offers a complete line of garage door openers that meet this requirement.

Battery Backup Included:

Professional Models (Dealer installed):

  • 6170H-B, 6070H-B, 4164H-B, 4064H-B, 4124H-B, 3124H-B, 3024H-B, 3120HL-B, 3120H-B, 2128B, 1128B, 2028B, 1028B

DIY / Retail Models:

  • StealthDrive 750 (7055), Chain Drive 750 (7035), StealthDrive Connect (7155), SilentMax LED (7155L), Wall Mount (6172)

Battery Backup available as an add-on:

Professional Models (Dealer installed):

  • 6070, 4164, 4124,  3120, 4064, 3064, 4024, 3024

DIY / Retail Models:

  • MachForce (4062), MachForce Connect (4063), SientMax 1200 (4042), SilentMax 1000 (3042), ChainMax 1000 (3022)