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Battery Backup BB140-BX

When the power goes out, Genie power goes on!

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Battery Backup for Genie 140V Openers

Add a battery backup solution for our premium 140V operator lineup any time to help keep you and your family safe!  What used to be considered a luxury is now an affordable convenience offered to everyone thanks to Genie’s battery backup solutions. Getting in and out of the garage during a power outage has never been easier when your Genie battery backup kicks in. Make the right choice for peace-of-mind and security with a garage door opener battery backup​!

  • Compatible with Genie 140V garage door openers



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Installation Manuals and Support

Installation Manual

Other Helpful Resources

*More resources and support can be found on our full Genie Customer Support Portal 

Genie garage door opener battery_backup.
California Compliant garage door opener.

California Residents

In accordance with California State Law SB-969, all installed garage door openers in the state of California must have a battery backup as of July 1, 2019. Genie offers a complete line of garage door openers that meet this requirement.

Battery Backup Included:

Professional Models (Dealer installed):

  • 6170H-B, 6070H-B, 4164H-B, 4064H-B, 4124H-B, 3124H-B, 3024H-B, 3120HL-B, 3120H-B, 2128B, 1128B, 2028B, 1028B

DIY / Retail Models:

  • StealthDrive 750 (7055), Chain Drive 750 (7035), StealthDrive Connect (7155), SilentMax LED (7155L), Wall Mount (6172)

Battery Backup available as an add-on:

Professional Models (Dealer installed):

  • 6070, 4164, 4124,  3120, 4064, 3064, 4024, 3024

DIY / Retail Models:

  • MachForce (4062), MachForce Connect (4063), SientMax 1200 (4042), SilentMax 1000 (3042), ChainMax 1000 (3022)

Battery Backup - California
  • How much does a battery backup (BBU) add to the cost of the opener?
    It depends on which opener you are choosing to use in your application. Genie offers the most complete line of openers in the industry and the capabilities and power output vary between them. Openers that require more power output, like our 140V opener, will require a larger and more expensive battery as opposed to our 24V opener.
  • If I purchase a new opener, will the battery come in the box?"
    If you purchase an opener that comes standard with a battery backup, then the battery unit will be included in the box. If the opener has the option to add a battery backup, then the battery will be in a separate box.
  • Is the battery backup replaceable?
    Yes, the battery can easily be replaced.
  • Will a generic battery work?
    It is not recommended to use any battery not provided by Genie.
  • Can a battery backup be added to older Genie openers?
    This answer depends on which model you have. Models 2028 ,2128, 1028 and 1128 cannot have a BBU added. However, many other Genie openers can be retrofitted with a BBU.
  • How long will the battery last?
    This answer depends on a variety of factors. Environmental conditions such as extreme cold can reduce the life of the battery, and a battery used frequently will not last as long as one rarely used.
  • How do you know when to replace the battery backup?
    There are (3) LED lights on each battery backup. If the green light is illuminated, the battery is fully charged and operational. If the yellow light is illuminated, the BBU is currently charging. If the light is red, the unit has failed to charge. If the red light remains illuminated for more than 48 hours, the battery needs replaced.
  • How many times will the battery backup operate the garage door?
    The answer varies depending on factors such as the age of the battery, the weight of the door, and number of hours since the BBU was last fully charged. With optimum conditions, it is expected that within the first 24 hours of a power outage, the battery could operate the door up to 50 times.
  • Will the other garage door opener features work under battery power?
    The opener’s light will not function under battery power.
  • In the event of a power outage, will the operating speed of the opener change?"
    Yes, the speed will be reduced to conserve power.
  • If someone has more than one door on their garage, do they have to have a BBU on every door?"
    Yes, a battery backup will be needed for each garage door opener.
  • If someone purchased an opener before July 1, 2019, can it be installed after July 1, 2019?"
    No. After July 1, 2019, CA SB-969 prohibits openers without a BBU from being installed or replaced.
  • If my opener was installed before July 1, 2019, and is still under warranty but needs replaced, what then?"
    If an opener must be replaced in California, the new one must have a BBU attached. If the opener does not have a battery backup, the warranty will cover repair but the unit will need upgraded to a BBU capable unit. Or you can purchase a Genie BBU retrofit kit to bring it into compliance with CA SB-969.
  • Can I work on or service an opener with a battery backup still attached?
    No. Before working on any opener, it should be disconnected from all sources of power which includes the battery backup unit.
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