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The GCL Fire Door Operator is designed for rolling fire doors that have a 30-cycle/hour or fewer duty requirements. Advanced features and robust mechanical design combine to provide the next evolution in fire door operators.


  • Floor level auto-reset. No manual intervention is required to reset the fire door operator after a fire alarm or drop test. Upon reset of the fire alarm signal and test key switch, the fire door may be motor operated normally.

  • 24-hour battery backup provides extra protection in the event of a power loss.

  • Configuration settings for automatic door opening after reset of the test key switch.

  • User-configured time delay after an alarm or test signal before activation of door drop.

  • Sash chain release ready for jurisdictions that require a fusible link.

  • Intuitive configuration and troubleshooting of fire door and standard door functions through the built-in LCD Display.

  • The operator comes with a horn/strobe and test key switch, eliminating the need to purchase these items separately.

  • MultiVolt® - Order phase-specific operator for the job and have the ability to select the right voltage on the job site.

  • Single Phase: 115/208/230V AC

  • Three Phase: 208/230/460V AC

  • 575V AC voltage models available separately

  • Modular design with optional expansion boards for an advanced timer to close, or auxiliary output functionality.

  • LCD display with intuitive setup menu. Provides real-time status and troubleshooting assistance.

  • EZ Limit® provides for the push to set limits that remain synchronized with door even during a long term loss of power and after activation of fire door drop.

  • TensiBelt® primary drive reduction eliminates the need to adjust belt tension.

  • Open/close/stop and setup keys included on the control board. Keeps all controls used for setup conveniently near the LCD display.

  • Allows for monitored entrapment protection and momentary operation when used with select edge-sensing devices.

  • Intuitive configuration and troubleshooting of fire door and standard door functions through the built-in LCD Display.

Standard Features

  • UL 325 Listed and FM Approved

  • Fire door operator module to control door release.

  • EZ Limit® electro-mechanical limits.

  • MultiVolt® voltage simplification.

  • Governor controlled door descent.

  • Maximum run timer automatically adjusts to up and down run time.

  • TensiBelt™ primary reduction.

  • Delay on reverse.

  • 16-character LCD display.

  • Advanced radio receiver displays and stores activation by transmitter ID number on the LCD screen.

  • 3-button control station.

  • 2-year/20,000 cycle warranty.

  • Emergency hoist for manual operation; available in right or left hand.

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Product Information

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