The GCL-GCX is designed for rolling counter doors that have limited-duty cycle requirements. The GCX comes with advanced features and is available in a fire-door version that raises the bar in counter door operation.

GCL-GCX Advantages

  • Modular design with optional expansion boards for a timer to close* and auxiliary output functionality.

  • Worm gear primary drive reduction provides inherent mechanical braking.

  • Completely enclosed drive allows for mounting below 8 feet; maintains UL 325 approval.

  • Motor with built-in thermal protection.

  • LCD display with intuitive setup menu. Provides real-time status and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Open/close/stop and setup keys included on the control board. Keeps all setup controls near the LCD display convenient for set up.

  • EZ Limit® provides for push-to-set limits that remain synchronized with the door even during loss of power and mechanical drops on fire-door versions.

* Advanced timer to close expansion board cannot be used in the fire counter door model. 


Standard Features

  • Limited-duty 4 cycles per hour rating.

  • Max run timer automatically adjusts to up and down run time.

  • Worm gear primary reduction.

  • Delay on reverse.

  • 16-character LCD display.

  • UL 325 2010 approved.

  • 3-button control station.

  • 2-year/20,000 cycle warranty.

  • Programmable mid-stop.

  • Pull cord release for emergency manual operation.

UL 325 2010 APPROVED

  • Allows for monitored entrapment connections for protection and momentary operation when used with select photo eyes and/or edge-sensing devices.


  • Motor
    1/2 HP, AC capacitor start/run motor. Motor replaceable without changing limits.

  • Drive
    Primary reduction is worm gear. Secondary reduction is by hardened bevel gear. Powertrain incorporates oil-impregnated bushings.

  • Governer (Fire Door Version Only)
    Included on fire door operator version. Controls the descent of the door in a non-powered alarm/test drop.

  • Emergency Manual Operation
    Pull cord disconnect disengages drive allowing door to be moved manually while maintaining limits.

  • Pre-wired to accept
    Monitored entrapment device such as photo eyes. Single or 3-button control stations. External interlock switches.

Accessories and Options

  • Hand Crank
    Allows for opening/closing via hand crank. Option only available on non-fire counter-door models.

  • Timer to Close Module**
    Timed close set via the LCD display from 2 seconds up to 5 minutes. Includes pre-close warning contacts, timer hold input, auxiliary open input, normally closed safety input, and monitored edge input.

  • Auxiliary Output Module (standard on fire door version)
    Provides relay contacts at the open, close, and mid-stop limits. Contacts for 5-minute lamp, and "ADA" contacts set via LCD display to warn during opening, closing or both.

  • UL 325 2010 Approved Reversing Devices
    The installation of a monitored external entrapment device is required for momentary contact close operation on all commercial door operators. Only the following devices, when purchased through Genie, are UL-approved for use to meet this requirement: Safe-T-Beam® Photoeye Kit with adjustable bracket P/N 38176R.S¹
    Impact-protected Commercial Photoeye Kit P/N OPAKPE2.S
    MillerEdge ME/MT/CPT (DC or T3) 2-wire edge sensor. Must be used with TCM (OPABTCGX.S**) or Interface Module (OPAKMEIX.S).
    NEMA 4 Photoeyes P/N OPAKPEN4GX.S

1 — Default device when operator is ordered.
** — Not available on fire-door version.

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