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The GCL-LJ is designed for standard, high, vertical-lift, and rolling doors that have up to a 15-cycle/hour and less than a 30-cycle/day requirement. Designed for reliability with leading innovative features, the light-duty jackshaft sets a new standard in the industry.


  • Intellicode® 315/390 MHz receiver can store up to 255 standard and/or open/close/stop transmitters.

  • Soft start and stop reduces stress on the door and operator for improved life.

  • Safe-T-Pulse® - Internal cable slack detection eliminates external cable monitoring devices and reverses door travel when cable tension isn’t detected for safety.

  • Operator force profile detects irregularities in operation of the door to identify unsafe door operation. The force profile is updated every cycle to account for changes in weather and temperature.

  • Precision sealed roller bearings on output shaft for improved power transfer.

  • Interlock circuit with pre-installed jumper.

  • Output shaft coupler utilizes six set screws with threadlocker to reduce shaft slippage and screw back outs.

  • Output shaft coupler can be used on 1” hollow or solid door shafts with 1/4” keyway.

  • Optional LED worklight toggleable via stop button on Open/Close/Stop control station.

  • Small operator profile of 12” length by 6.9” width allows for use in tight applications. Only requires 2.5” of headroom clearance and 7” of side room clearance to be used.

Standard Features

  • Easy push to set limits.

  • UL 325 Listed.

  • Automatic open and close door force settings.

  • Open/Close/Stop control station.

  • Programmable mid-stop.

  • Time-to-close can be set at pre-defined values between 0 seconds and 5 minutes.

  • Pull cord release for emergency manual operation.

  • 2-year/20,000-cycle limited warranty.

  • Commercial photocells.

  • 7.5 in/sec door speed in both directions in most applications.

  • Operational on doors up to 14 ft. tall with up to 84” of high-lift, 18 ft. wide, 180 sq ft., and 850 lbs.

  • Operational on up to 16 ft. tall dead-shaft, up to 10 ft. tall live shaft, and up to 12 ft. shutters.

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