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Genie Commercial Garage Door Openers and Accessories installed in a garage


Retro-Reflective Photoeye

Monitored Photoeyes - OPGAKRPEN4X.S

Genie’s monitored retro-reflective photo eye is designed to significantly reduce photo eye wiring time by only requiring wiring on one side of the door. This photo eye is UL325 2010 recognized and is approved for use with all UL Listed Genie commercial operators. The single-sided photo eye works with a polarized reflector that requires no power or wiring. As an added bonus, the photo eye’s heavy-duty metal shield housing makes it well-suited for commercial door environments.

  • UL 325 2010 Approved Photo Eye

  • Polarized Beam for Maximum Reliability

  • Retro-Reflective

  • No Batteries Needed

  • Significantly Reduces Photo Eye Wiring Time

  • NEMA 4X Rated for Harsh Environments

  • Rated for doors up to 35 ft. (10.6 m) wide

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