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Genie Commercial Garage Door Openers and Accessories installed in a garage

Timer Close Module


Timer Close Module - OPABTCGX.S

This Timer to Close Module (TCM) provides the operator with an automatic door closing feature with a user selectable time delay, auxiliary control inputs and auxiliary reversing inputs. This module requires an entrapment device to be installed. 

  • Timed Close: Adjustable from 1 second to 5 minutes.

  • Timer Hold Input: Allows for switch input to hold timer

  • Pre-Close Warning Output Contacts: Adjustable from 2 to 10 seconds prior to close.

  • Auxiliary Open Input: Provides additional open input that can be configured to start timer.

  • N-C Normally Closed Safety Input: Non-monitored N-C edge or photoeye input.

  • Monitored Edge Input: Provides contacts to connect monitored edges.

  • Plug and Play: Plugs directly into control board expansion port, and can daisy chain with additional expansion modules.

  • Set-Up: LCD display is used to adjust settings and selection of inputs to start timer.

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