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Programming Homelink® to Genie® Garage Door Openers

Watch this helpful video or follow the programming instructions below for pairing your Homelink® System to a Genie® garage door opener.

 click here to download the PDF version

Homelink Support.png

When programming, it helps to clear out your HomeLink by pressing and holding the first and third buttons down until the indicator on the HomeLink blinks slow then fast (about 20 seconds), then release both buttons. If there is something already programmed to your HomeLink do not clear it unless you are able to reprogram what is already on there.

Homelink Visor Buttons.png

First, Use this process to train the HomeLink device for the following Genie Intellicode® remotes shown below

*If the remote you are using is not shown or this process does not work, see the next section for additional options.

NOTES:  1) Choose an unused button on the HomeLink device that will be used to open the door.  2) Hold the transmitter  2 inches away from the HomeLink device. 3) To clear the HomeLink device completely, see the end of the instruction. 

Homelink Remotes.png
  1. Press and hold down any button on the remote AND press and hold down the chosen button on the HomeLink device AT THE SAME TIME. The HomeLink indicator LED blinks slow at first and then change to a faster blink rate - once the blink rate changes to fast (could take up to 20 seconds) – then release both buttons.  Before you proceed, make sure the HomeLink device indicator has stopped blinking completely.


  2. When the HomeLink device indicator STOPs blinking, press and hold down the chosen button on the HomeLink device for a full 5 seconds -  then release. (Ignore the HomeLink transmitter indicator during those 5 seconds.)   


  3. Confirm that the HomeLink device picked up the transmission from the remote by pressing the chosen button on the HomeLink device.  The operator head LEDs should light in response.  If the operator LEDs light, continue to the next steps.  If after holding down the HomeLink device button for 5 seconds or longer, the LEDs on the head do not light, repeat from step 1 in this section until the operator LED lights blink in response to the HomeLink device button press.

Remote programming button for Homelink.png

Program the HomeLink Device to the Genie Garage Door Opener :

  1. Locate either a square PROGRAM button (PRGM) or round LEARN CODE button on the opener (ceiling). The location could be anywhere on the cover of the opener or under a lens depending on the model.


  2. Put opener into programming mode - the openers programming window will time out after 30 seconds:

    • PRGM button - press and hold down until the LED turns blue, then release. Purple LED begins flashing.​

    • LEARN CODE button – press and hold down until the red LED starts flashing, then release.


  3. ​Press and hold down the HomeLink button for 2 full seconds - then release.  Press and hold down the chosen HomeLink button again for 2 full seconds – then release.  Continue this process until the opener operates.  During this time, LEDs on the HomeLink device continue to blink and eventually change to solid (opener should be moving by then).​


If you have these remotes, please follow the instructions below :

Either of these remotes with a software revision of lower than (but not equal to) 2.03.  Software revisions can be found on the back of these remotes under the visor clip.

Single Learn Code Button.png
Learn Code Button older models.png
Current Buttons.png
GM3T and G3T remotes.png
Software Version on G3T remote.png
Software Version
LED indicator lights on the remotes.png
LED Locations

Preparing the Remote:

  1. Choose a button on the remote that you will use to train the HomeLink device. 

    • If the LED on the transmitter lights RED, proceed to step 2.​

    • If the LED on the transmitter lights GREEN – perform the following steps:

      1. Press and hold down this button for approximately 10 seconds or until BOTH A RED AND A GREEN LED light on the remote – then release the button. ​

      2. Immediately press the same button again quickly two times. 

      3. Press the same button again – the ONLY LED that should light is a RED one.  If a GREEN LED lights, repeat this process again until the only LED that lights at the end of step 1 is red.

  2. Continue with step 1 under “Train HomeLink device to the Remote” section above.


If you need to clear out your HomeLink device:

NOTE:  If at any time you need to start over completely, this process will remove all previously programmed garage door openers from the HomeLink device.

  1. Press and hold down the first and third buttons on the HomeLink device until the indicator blinks slow at first and then fast for 20 seconds – then release both buttons.​


Homelink Visor Buttons.png
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