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4:00 PM EST

Setting Up BenchSentry for Securing Your Packages 

BenchSentry® is Genie's latest product brought to market for safe and secure package deliveries. Our featured guest will be Jennifer Seim, Genie's developer of BenchSentry. 

Join us for this learning experience and start using and/or selling BenchSentry to secure your packages. Jennifer will demonstrate "How to":

  • Manage lock settings

  •  Add Custom Entry Codes

  • Manage deliveries

  • Share access with a Co-Owner

  • Use the web version of the Owner Portal



4:00 PM EST

Genie's Powerful 140V DC Motors, w/ Jimy Prajapati, Engineering Director of Advance Technologies

Genie has powerful residential 140V DC Motors. They are strong, fast and work on doors that are up to 14' tall.

Our Director of Engineering in Advance Technologies, Jimy Prajapati will lead this learning session and address the following questions:

  • What is 140V DC technology? 

  • What capabilities does it give us?

  • What makes it different from 24V DC motors?

  • How can the operator get 140VDC when the standard voltage in the USA is 120 volts?

  • Do 140V DC operators have any additional features that the 24V DC motors don't have?

  • Will Genie offer a light-duty commercial version of the 140VDC operator?

*By attending 1 Genie Tune in on Tuesday training webinar you can get continuing education credits for IDEA. 1 CEU per 1 hour virtual webinar.