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4:00 PM EST

Selling Wi-Fi Operators with Director of Connected Platforms

Tom Kerber will speak about Genie's Connected Platforms. Join this session to learn more about:

  • Value of connectivity

  • Value of a complete installation

  • Value of comprehensive planned maintenance service

  • Value of smart home partnerships



4:00 PM EST

Genie's Product Quality with V.P. of Quality, David Jones

Join us and meet our V.P. of Quality, David Jones

  • Find out what the Genie team does to ensure high-quality products are delivered to our dealers and end-users.

  • Know how we conduct quality tests, checks, and track all products that Genie produces.

  • Learn what we do when we are given feedback from dealer's consumers and data reports from our tech line.

  • Know how our dealers are part of Genie's high-quality solution.

  • Hear about some of the changes we made as a result of dealer feedback.



4:00 PM EST

Smart Home Partnerships and New Capabilities with Genie's Smart Home Platform Director

Tom Kerber will speak about Genie's Smart Home Partnerships. Join this session to learn more about:

  • Overview of platforms

  • Highlight partner position

  • Review partner capabilities



4:00 PM EST

Special Guest, President of Genie, Mike Kridel

Mike Kridel, President of Genie informs us about leading the Genie team through the ups and downs of a pandemic and shares strategies that have helped Genie's brand achieve success and recognition in the industry.