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Genie Universal Two Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Universal 2-Button Remote

Works with most major brands!

Simple and effective solution for multiple door control!

Genie 2 Button Universal Remote

Universal 2-Button Remote

Compatible with most major rolling code brands sold in the USA, the Genie universal 2-button remote is a versatile solution that provides maximum user convenience.  An excellent replacement remote for any of the compatible specifications with multiple options for visor clip placement.

  • Compatible with most major rolling code brands sold in the USA!

  • Control up to 2 different garage door openers or receivers with a single remote.  Each button can be programmed individually of the other so having multiple brands of openers controlled by a single remote is not a problem.

  • Great placement option for an existing remote from any of the compatible manufacturers listed.

  • Comes with a visor clip and a single CR2032 battery.


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Installation Manuals and Support

Programming Instructions

Other Helpful Resources

*More resources and support can be found on our full Genie Customer Support Portal 

Pushing the 2 Button Universal Remote
2 Button Universal Garage Door Opener Compatibility Chart

Works with most major brands sold in the USA!

  • Genie® - (315/390 MHz, Intellicode® I, 1995-current), (315/390 MHz, Intellicode® II, 2010-2011)

  • Overhead Door® - (315/390 MHz, CodeDodger® I, 1995-current), (315/390 MHz, CodeDodger® II, 2010-2011)

  • Chamberlain®, LiftMaster®, CraftsMan® - (Purple Learn Button, Security +®, 2006-2014, 315 MHz), (Orange/Red Learn Button, Security +®, 1996-2005, 390 MHz),  (Yellow Learn Button, Security +2.0®, 2011-current, 390 MHz), (Green Learn Button, Billion Code®, 1993-1995, 390 MHz)

  • Sommer® - (310 MHz, Rolling Code)

  • Linear® - (318 MHz, Mega Code®)

  • Wayne Dalton® - (372.5 MHz, Rolling Code, 1999-current)

  • Ryobi® - (372.5 MHz, Rolling Code)

  • Guardian® - (303 MHz, Fixed Learn Code)

  • Xtreme® brand - (303 MHz, Fixed Learn Code)

  • Marantec® - (315 MHz, Fixed Learn Code)

  • FAAC® - (433.92 MHz, Rolling Code)

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