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Genie is one of America's best-known and trusted consumer brand names. The company has an illustrious history that underscores its commitment to innovation. Millions of our product units are in use today throughout North America. Dependability, high quality, and nationwide service are just a few reasons to choose a Genie branded garage door opener.

Genie’s large selection of garage door openers makes finding the perfect one for your garage easy. All new Genie garage door openers feature state-of-the-art security and safety systems, including:

  • The Intellicode® Access Security System uses billions of possible code combinations to automatically update your security system each time the opener is activated via remote.​

  • Our Safe-T-Beam® System: When objects pass through the infrared beam, the door automatically stops closing, and then reverses. The system’s self-diagnostic functions alert homeowners of misalignment or damage.

  • GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology: Some of our newest products feature this innovative technology. GenieSense™ delivers the power needed at every movement of the garage door and continuously monitors the operation of the door, stopping operation when significant changes occur. These features minimize noise, wear and tear on the door, and improve overall safety.


Our top rated features are great, but we don't stop there. When purchasing any Genie Brand garage door opener, accessory, or replacement part you get the added benefits that Genie offers. These benefits include: 

  • Customer Support. The Genie Company has customer care teams and services basined in the USA. We offer a wide range of support options such as contact by phone or email, web chat services with a live agent and a robust support section here on our website. 

  • Genie Warranty. Buying Genuine Genie garage door openers, accessories and parts, guarantees that you are getting materials backed by our warranty. 

Genuine Genie


Genie Professional Garage Door Openers dealers are exceptional as well, delivering that same high-quality service as the Genie Brand products.

Our professional dealers …

  • A Genie Dealer will use their product knowledge and resources to help ensure you get the perfect product that not only fits your application but also fits your needs. 

  • Genie Professionals are licensed and insured, which provides peace of mind.

  • Technicians are trained on garage doors and garage door openers (such as IDEA Certification), ensuring that your installation and service is provided with top knowledge!

  • No worries - the installation comes with a warranty!

  • A Professional dealer will provide a multi-point service check on all door parts, this makes sure the garage door opener will achieve maximum functionality.  

  • Safety! - The garage door is the largest entry part of your home! It is important to make sure it is properly maintained and that the garage door opener is properly installed. Using a Genie Professional dealer helps provide extra safety for you and your family by making sure it is done right! 

  • Save time on installation by letting a Genie dealer install it for you! (Plus get it right the first time.)

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Dealer handing the customer a garage doo
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