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Environmental Modifications



NEMA 4X environmental modification allows the operator to be used in damp, corrosive environments. The unit is provided with a NEMA 4X Open/Close/Stop push button standard. Add “N4X” to the end of the GCL P/N. This is a factory-only modification.

Note: The NEMA 4X option is UL 325 compliant, but not UL 325 Listed.

NEMA 4X Operator Components

  1. Gasketed limit enclosure

  2. Sealed interlock switch

  3. Gasketed stainless steel controls enclosure

  4. Gasketed hoist linkage (Hoist models only)

  5. Washdown duty motor

  6. Gasketed brake enclosure

  7. Nickel plated motor pulley

  8. Nickel plated chains

  9. Zinc plated and chromium sealed shafts

Product Information

NEMA 4X Support

The NEMA 4X modification is available in the models shown in the chart above. Those models utilize the same features and advantages as the listed standard and heavy-duty models but swap out the listed operator components as shown.

Choose an operator below to review the base models these modifications will be applied to:

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