Yonomi® + Aladdin Connect®

Yonomi is a unique smart home system partner of ours that is exclusively a Genie garage door opener partner. Yonomi offers a variety of features, that can be controlled in one single location inside their app! Yonomi aggregates many smart device brands together allowing you to create routines within your app, such as the returning home routine (Turning the lights on, opening the garage door, and upping the temp on your thermostat).

Yonomi also allows for “Geofencing” routines, so that you may open or close your garage door, based upon the location of your smartphone. So if you have an Aladdin Connect smart garage door opener or the Aladdin Connect add-on device be sure you check out Yonomi.

How to Connect Aladdin Connect with Yonomi :

Amazon Alexa Document
Document for Support
Document for Support