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Don't be Fooled by Unbranded Imposters!

With the undeniable surge of online sales in recent years for almost all product categories, knock-off garage door opener remotes are no exception.  Though MOST times these companies are not breaking any laws, these businesses that imitate existing brand name products are certainly preying upon the unsuspecting consumer by stealing brand quality and equity from someone else -  even though they have nothing to do with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)!

Remote without Genie Brand vs Remote with Genie Brand

How do I recognize a knock-off garage door opener remote?

Knock-off garage door opener remotes appear to be exactly like the original product, but THEY ARE NOT:

  • You thought you bought a quality brand – but there are no logos or branding on the product at all

  • You thought the price was too good to be true

  • You don’t recognize the name of the online seller you purchased from

  • They have no customer service contact (and likely no warranty from the manufacturer)

  • The grammar used in the instructions is not correct

  • The instructions are not branded (or are only partial to what is on the manufacturer website)

Other notes worth mentioning:

  • Being ‘compatible’ with a brand DOES NOT MEAN they use the same patented or secure technologies. 

  • Being ‘compatible’ with a brand DOES NOT MEAN they obey government agency laws from the Federal Communications Commission.

  • Using safety sensors that are NOT from the orignal equipment manufacturer is a safety hazard and a violation of UL325 standards! Learn about UL325 from DASMA or the Federal Register.


How do I make sure I get a genuine product?

You can buy genuine, quality products from a reputable re-seller of the product or, quite often, directly from the manufacturer.  Most big box Retailers, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot, offer online retail sales directly to consumers as do the manufacturers themselves.  Alternately, a highly rated, local garage door and opener company is also likely to have the true OEM product in inventory and are even available for hire to do the installation and/or programming for you. 

You should find the price of a genuine garage door opener remote to be somewhat comparable to big box Retailer pricing.  OEM products will be more expensive than knockoffs but, in this case, you will get what you pay for. OEM products will have guarantees on their quality and technologies, and they will offer the consumer the support and warranty that they are, undoubtedly, looking for.


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