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Patented Intellicode® Rolling Code Technology

Can burglars ‘steal’ the codes to open my garage door?

Reduce the risk of this happening to you by using garage door opener technology designed for modern households.  The garage door industry transitioned from the conventional fixed security codes (dip switches) to what is called “rolling code” technology in the mid-1990s and in doing so, greatly upgraded the garage door opener security game. 


Conventional fixed code remotes and openers were limited to the number of codes they could transmit and were much more susceptible to hackers.  An intruder with an appropriate receiver could discover the code and use it to gain access sometime later because code that opens the door today will be the same code that opens it tomorrow.

On the other hand, rolling code technology protects against intruders by generating a new encrypted security code transmission every time the remote control is used on your garage door opener. The same code will never be used more than once. An intruder may be able to learn the code that opened the door just now, but the receiver will not accept that code for the foreseeable future.  A rolling code system uses encryption methods that allow the remote control and the receiver to share codes but make it difficult for an attacker to break the encryption.

Genie Intellicode Technology

Genie Intellicode® Rolling Code Security for the Garage

Every time your Genie garage door opener is activated, our proprietary Intellicode rolling code system goes to work by selecting a new code from billions of possible combinations.  This virtually eliminates the possibility of hacking and helps to prevent unauthorized entry into your home through the garage.  All Genie garage door openers and wireless devices manufactured since the mid-1990s use Intellicode® technology.

The Genie Company also has a dual frequency conversion kit* that allows you to upgrade nearly any brands fixed code garage door opener to not only Intellicode Rolling Code Security but to Genie’s patented dual frequency technology.  Find the link below to read more.

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*Conversion kit not for use on garage door opener systems without safety beams.

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