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Patented Auto Seek Dual Frequency Technology

My garage door opener and remote/keypad seem to work intermittently, why?

  • Do your garage door opener remotes, wireless keypad or HomeLink work intermittently? 

  • Do they work inside the garage but not outside of the garage?  

  • Is the range in which they work shorter than when you originally installed your garage door opener? 

  • Do you have to press the remote/keypad buttons multiple times to activate the opener? 

These issues may NOT be the wireless devices or the garage door opener, but the result of radio frequency interference between the products.

Potential radio frequency inference from local, every day environmental factors is a real issue for the garage door opener industry.  Common items, such as various home appliances, and even the LED or CFL light bulbs in or near the garage door opener itself, have the potential to cause unexpected frequency interference with garage door opener products. Locations with close proximity to military bases or airports can experience related interference as well.  The potential interference from these items and locations can impact dependable communication between a wireless remote/keypad and the garage door opener.  This could even leave you stranded without access to your home!

Patented Genie Technology

How Can Genie’s Patented Auto Seek Dual Frequency Technology Help Me?

The good news is that Genie products use patented auto seek dual frequency technology to communicate on MORE THAN ONE frequency.  Even if interference is present on one frequency, the garage door opener will automatically seek and find the additional frequency being transmitted and use it as the most efficient way to communicate between devices.  This technology works seamlessly without requiring any manual intervention from the homeowner or special programming of remotes. 

Being able to produce and use multiple frequencies automatically helps reduce the likelihood that you will experience radio interference at all by minimizing those impacting environmental factors and maximizing the quality of communication and range of your radio frequency devices.


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